Dental care for the whole family! Retal Clinic is a one-stop shop for all the dental needs of your family. We will provide you and your family members of different ages with the dental services that you need—all in one place. Now you can get the cosmetic treatment you require, while your children receive the best services that our kids-friendly clinics have to offer. That way you can save time and energy! Comfort and Convenience: At Retal Clinic ensuring comfort and convenience is one of our top priorities, and we deliver it through the following facilities:

  • Spacious waiting areas fully equipped to entertain our patients of different ages and interests
  • A number of parking spaces available in a secure and safe environment
  • Advanced computerized system for setting appointments
  • Flexible  time schedules to suite our patients’ convenience
  • Reception services for our patients upon their arrival at the Jeddah International Airport